Hi! My name is Wendy.

Due to complex health issues I take travel to a whole new level of complicated.

I live each day with environmental allergies, thanks to my English/Irish great-grandparent I am allergic to the sun, and heat. So for me to go out for the day means I have to wear special clothing, and plan quick ways to get out of the sun. Hint: The old soul in me is happy that I have to wear hats.

Heat is also an issue, especially when it comes to sleeping. I had to get a special bed, with a way to control the temperature under the covers, so that I could sleep comfortably during the hot months. Without it I can’t sleep nor can keep from being covered in hives. Yes, it is that severe.

I also live with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis. This means that every day I run the risk of dying from an anaphylactic attack. No, I’m not exaggerating. My doctors sent me to the National Institutes of Health, and they threw their arms up in the air and cried Uncle when they examined me. They then had me sign up for even more studies. So when I refer to myself as a medical freak please know that I’m not doing that lightly, the pro’s have called me that and I carry the title with honor. Or as I tell people, “God put me in this world to keep doctors humble”.

Add into that set of all ready complex issues…  I also have food allergies to soy and an intolerance to yeast. So yeah living is a breeze. Not! Add into the mix travel and eating… and complicated is an understatement. It is filled with annoying phone calls to restaurants to see if I can eat there, and after the phone call, complicated conversations with serves and kitchen staff to ensure I don’t regret eating all together.

On a fun note, I have a love of coffee that keeps me sane. If I haven’t had my coffee yet…It’s best to approach with caution. But it also means that I have found some awesome coffee places as we have traveled around. I’ll be sharing those, as well as the best places I’ve found to eat as we’ve traveled around.

Finally, if you thought the above was complicated, we got a rescue dog with health issues of his own. (You can read more about him on his page.) And since we travel for Field and Track as officials, fun and work – I am a travel writer, photographer, and blogger after all – we upped the ante on just how much we can complicate travel.

There is no spontaneous throw some things in a bag, grab the toothbrush and a wallet, and head out.

I will be sharing with you: the fun adventures, the failures, and the misguided ideas I have coped with, and hopefully this will enable other wonderfully complex people to find the joy of traveling again. Because let’s face it travel is stressful for even the most normal of people. But when you add in to it medical issues, or a pet, you take that stress to a whole new level.

Planning takes on a new meaning. It is crucial to survival, and for those who are in the same boat as I am, you know I’m not exaggerating. So I will be sharing with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of how I survive a trip.

And I’ll even add photos, though I promise nothing too scary. So sit back, and enjoy the reading. I love writing and I hope you can learn to love travel no matter how complex your life is.