Whenever you see a posted titled “A Day In The Life” it means you are about to read about our latest and greatest adventures with our dog Chaz.

We named him Charlemagne when we first adopted him. Then we quickly came to realize just how unsuitable it was for training. By the time you got to ‘le’ he was off on another adventure.

Yes, we have always named our pets after midevil royalty. Our first dog was William the Conqueror. Since Charlemagne was also known as King Charles 1 of France, we settled on Chaz. And though he has had many variations on this name… “no, no, bad dog” is a valid name – I’m just sayin’…

He has come far, though we have a long way to go, but every day is a new day.

With any adopted pet you are taking them at their best and with their worst. While we had hoped to avoid a lot of medical drama by adopting a younger, smaller, dog we did not take into account his medical history up to that point.

Chaz was an owner surrender because he had contracted Parvo virus. While the shelter and it’s Veterinarians were able to save him (something I am very thankful for) he was isolated during a crucial socialization period 8-16 weeks. We got him out the day he was cleared from Parvo but it was just the beginning.

Parvo brings its own set of long term issues, though not guaranteed, it set Chaz up to have a sensitive tummy.

Through the first year of having him in our family we had 5 non wellness Vet visits. One of those visits is what set him up for his digestive issues for life, he ate detergent and I didn’t catch the fact that he ate detergent until it was too late. Ever since then we’ve had issues getting him to eat his food.

So stay tuned as we walk this life as pet parents. The good, the bad, the stressful, the cuddles, the funny, and the oh so cute.